Eat Street Markets

New Farm Confectionary
New Farm Confectionary

One place I would happily return again and again is Eat Street Markets. Situated on Hamilton Wharf in Brisbane, it is the perfect place for a quick bite to eat or a chilled outing with friends. Having heard about Eat Street Markets through my friends and social media, I was pretty keen to check out the place during my next visit to Brisbane. Fortunately, the weather had cleared up and we were able to make a day of it.

The markets were larger than I thought they would be with so many stalls providing a variety of cuisines. I can guarantee you that even a picky eater will find something great to eat and for foodies, you will be in heaven. Now silly me, I had a reasonably large breakfast which meant I couldn’t indulge as much however, we couldn’t go past some sweet potato fries and iced tea.

Eat Street Markets is the type of place where you will be able to try something new every time you visit, those who live in Brisbane are lucky! In addition to the great food, there is live entertainment and novelty stalls which add to the overall vibrant energy of the markets.

Eat Street Markets
Macarthur Avenue, Hamilton, Brisbane


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