Bills Surry Hills

Full Aussie Breakfast
Full Aussie Breakfast
The second place to be featured from the weekend’s food adventure is Bills in Surry Hills.

Both my cousin and I admire Bill Granger and we were not disappointed when we had a late brunch at his restaurant. Bills Surry Hills has a chilled, coastal atmosphere and a menu that consists of fresh, local produce and ingredients. My cousin had the Full Aussie Breakfast with the Bills Raw beverage (almond milk, lsa, raw cacao, banana and honey) and I had the Fresh Aussie Breakfast with Bills Greens juice (green apple, cucumber, spinach, ginger, chia seeds and young coconut). I had a little bit of drink envy as Bills Raw was delicious!! The food was wholesome and full of flavour, much like Granger’s recipes.

Fresh Aussie Breakfast
Fresh Aussie Breakfast

Be prepared to wait for a table, especially on the weekend. We went on Sunday afternoon and were lucky we didn’t have to wait too long (maybe 10mins?). Considering how busy the place was, we received our food within a reasonable time frame and were pleased with the friendly service, the place had a great buzz!

359 Crown Street, Surry Hills


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