Kobe Jones, Sydney

Kobe Jones Sydney
Kobe Jones Sydney

Kobe Jones is a fine dining Japanese restaurant on Sydney’s King Street Wharf. My cousin and I went for dinner and enjoyed the ‘Kanki Set Menu’.

We devoured 15 dishes as part of the menu:

Number One Special crab salad
Seafood poke
Calamari panko
Crunchy roll
Mango oyster
Saffron ebi nigri
Chicken kara age
Crab croquettes
Scallop sashimi
Wagyu tataki
Volcano roll
Spider roll
Alaskan crab
Wagyu hot rock
Flaming anko

6 of the 15 dishes
6 of the 15 dishes

All dishes were absolutely delicious however, some stand-outs were the Number One Special crab salad, crab croquettes, volcano roll and the Wagyu hot rock. Dessert was the Flaming anko, a green tea and red bean crème brulee, which was a great way to top off an exciting dining experience. Each dish was full of flavour and it was evident fresh, quality produce was used.

Flaming Anko
Flaming Anko

The restaurant itself had a beautiful ambience and in my opinion, is a great option for a special dinner or celebration. Kobe Jones is at the top of my list when it comes to dining options in Sydney.

Kobe Jones Sydney
29 Lime St, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9299 5290


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