I Heart New York

Taken on Brooklyn Bridge
Taken on Brooklyn Bridge

I’m not one to shy away from the fact that I fell in love with New York City. Being a young, solo traveller I was swept up by the vivacious and enriching city. New York, in a way, looked after me. During my travels I didn’t have one negative experience (except at the beginning when my luggage went missing!), I felt very much at home. Each day was a new opportunity to engage in New York society and attempt to walk in the shoes of a local New Yorker. I devoured a number of bagels, found comfort in Starbucks, enjoyed the crisp Fall air in Central Park and took the Subway only when necessary.

Not once did I feel out of place or overwhelmed, I was comfortable and also began to feel comfortable with myself. Being a person who over thinks and has a lot of insecurities, my trip to New York was an experience to just be. It’s crazy how something that may come across as  extreme can actually be very simple. I had friends who couldn’t believe I was travelling by myself. New York was everything I’d imagined it to be and more. It’s just like how it’s depicted in the movies, songs (cue Empire State of Mind) and in print. It’s a place where you do get caught up in the vibrant energy and hope for endless possibilities.

I’ll be travelling to New York again this year for Thanksgiving. This time, taking my mum with me in celebration of her 50th Birthday this year. It’s still ages away and well, not anywhere ‘new’ but let’s just say you can never have too much of a good thing. I’m glad that this time round I can share the magic of New York with someone close to me and be able to show them first hand why New York has captured my heart forever.

Christina x


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