Spanish Tapas

Spanish Tapas
Spanish Tapas
My friend and I saved our tapas experience for Barcelona. While we were in London, we had an urge to have tapas one night for dinner until we realised a moment later how silly the idea was – we could experience an authentic meal during our time in Barcelona!

Walking down La Ramblas we came across a restaurant just past La Boqueria called Genovè 1911. The restaurant was decorated with wooden furniture and was actually quite empty apart from a group of American travellers. The restaurant had a wonderful genuine feel with Spanish music playing and a warm ambience.

Our selection of Spanish tapas was made up of delicious food including olives, meatballs, mushrooms and pasta, each full of flavour. To finish our meal we were served a Spanish-inspired crème brûlée. Overall, it was definitely a positive experience trying tapas for the first time.

Restaurant Genovè 1911
Rambla St. Josep, 77, 08002 Barcelona, Spain


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