Le Pain Quotidien

Grilled Chicken Salad and Prawn Salad
Grilled Chicken Salad and Prawn Salad

Working in Sydney CBD, I am spoilt for choice when it comes to options for lunch. I usually stick with simple alternatives, but every once in a while I like to have a special meal. My friend also works across from me which leads to the occasional lunch date.

I was introduced to Le Pain Quotidien on one of our first lunch dates and I have gone back many times since. Located on Level 4, Westfield, the Belgium bakery and eatery is furnished with beautiful wooden furniture including a featured communal table.

Le Pain Quotidien describe the special atmosphere, “Friends and strangers alike come together around our communal table to  break bread and linger for a while.”

Striving to ensure organic and quality ingredients are sourced, the food is always delightful. With their primary focus based on providing freshly baked bread, Le Pain Quotidien also have many options available. From delicate pastries to warming soups, there is bound to be something for everyone. It’s also a perfect place to enjoy a great coffee or tea.

Located all around the world and with their fourth Australian location, The Rocks – Sydney, set to open Winter 2013, Le Pain Quotidien continues to provide a unique dining experience.

Le Pain Quotidein


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