La Boqueria Market

The culture and atmosphere in Barcelona is exciting. My friend and I spent a couple of days in the city during summer which was a real treat. One of my favourite places was La Boqueria Market – a ‘paradise for the senses’, I couldn’t agree more.

There’s an abundance of food stalls ranging from spices through to fresh fruit, some of the best I have ever tasted. The market is located off Barcelona’s popular La Rambla and remains a prime destination for food enthusiasts and also for local traders in search of quality produce.

Fresh Fruit Stall
Fresh Fruit Stall

Best buy of the day was a delicious papaya and coconut juice for just 1 Euro! Perfect refresher to beat the Barcelona heat. I wanted to try every flavour, if I had all day, I would have! La Boqueria Market is a gastronomic delight and is one market not to be missed during your Spanish travels.

La Boqueria Market Rambla
91  Mercat de la Boqueria (Edifici Direcció, 2a planta) 08001 Barcelona


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